Holidays in photos

   1. The best drink in summer - 2. Monopoly time with so much money
   3. Chocolat mint in a garden - 4. A frogs' love
   5. One really fun house entrance - 6. Santa Claus in august ?? 
   7. "Décanation" in Albi, Athleticism my favorite sport - 8. A cute traffic light   
   9. My new friend the llama - 10. The wonderful view from my hotel room in Deauville

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6 commentaires:

  1. The cute traffic light is the best!!! So adorable! PS. I'd love it if you could come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!!


  2. Jolies photos :)

  3. Alalala, les granita, qu'est ce que j'en aurais bu ces 2dernieres mois =)

    Très jolie cette porte, c'est original =)

    Bisous !!

  4. Woauh ! :) Tes clichés sont super sympas :)
    Bisous, on se suit?